The Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator Catalyzing Change

At the inauguration of the TCS Centre for Design and New Media at the IIIT Delhi professor Amrit Srinivasan introduced the project:

IIIT Delhi is partnering with 5 European nations and Mexico on the three year Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator (SLA) Project, funded by KR Foundation Denmark. The Project was kicked off at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy Germany, the lead partners, earlier this year. The goal of the project is to achieve sustainable cultural lifestyles without giving up on the idea of a good life and a better standard of living.
Using scientific and social research methods, the project will uniquely focus on the household which lies at the heart of decisions on how we eat, what gadgets we buy, how we build our homes, travel to work or spend our free time. It will calculate the material footprint (consumption of natural resources) and carbon footprint (lifestyle related carbon emissions) of a few households and encourage them to view these concrete measurements as the starting point for lifestyle change.
The project will next organize joint workshops with the households, involving design and energy experts to catalyze the process of moving away from existing resource heavy consumption patterns and aspirations. Successful lifestyle experiments from Europe will be presented and designed to customize strategies for appropriate local action for reducing energy use. Some foreseeable benefits for households are a reduction of costs, an improved standard of healthy living or simply more efficient self-monitoring. Wuppertal Institute Germany and D-mat Finland, well known for their advances in footprint calculation, will work closely with IIIT Delhi on the project.
Currently in the first phase of the Project, IIIT D (CSSS) students are identifying Delhi households to volunteer for SLA and become torchbearers for many more Indian cities. The project’s ambitious goal is to reach 10,000 households in each of the participating countries by the end of the 3 years with the help of communication technologies, city service providers, sustainability experts and local municipalities. By partnering with SLA, IIIT Delhi hopes to put India’s capital at the forefront of catalyzing sustainable lifestyles through action-focused research!