Mexican Brunch and Workshop

In our first round we work with six Mexican families that were interested in decreasing their carbon and material footprint. So, after analyzing their questionnaires and knowing more details about their lifestyles, we had a brunch-workshop at “La Excusa”. In detail we explained what is the main goal of SLA project and the difference between carbon and material footprints.


Mexico City has one of the biggest populations of the world and that the projection is that we can grow to be almost 24 million people by 2030. Mexican families were very interested in knowing what actions they could address to decrease impacts and how they can contribute in a small scale in different topics (Lack of water, air pollution and traffic to name a few). Families were enthusiastic and at the same time surprised about how each household had so different results.





At the end of the workshop we were joined by two private companies and an NGO. Isla talked about the importance and benefits of growing your own food, e-drive shared the implications and advantages of changing to an electric car, and Isla Urbana introduced their rainwater harvesting and water saving solutions.


* Photo: Design your action (Cristina Raicovi), Figure: Desgin your action