Getting started: SLA in Finland gathered together nine municipalities to accelerate sustainable lifestyles in 2019

In Finland nine municipalities are about to activate their citizens to try out sustainable lifestyles during the autumn 2019. To get it all started, D-mat and representatives from the municipalities met in June in Porvoo, where eight families participated in the project last year with great results. The sunny (but windy) day consisted of sharing experiences from last year, planning communications, and a guided tour in the old town of Porvoo – a place full of interesting stories.

Key take-aways from the meeting were the importance of communicating well what carbon and material footprints mean, and what deeds have an actual and meaningful impact on sustainability. These core things are key to the project’s success. Also, as SLA has potential in creating communities and in that way have a bigger meaning for people, it was emphasised that a starting workshop is an elementary part of the process. In Porvoo for example, the eight families are still in touch, sharing sustainability insights and arranging gatherings.

Municipalities participating SLA in Finland are: Porvoo, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Kauniainen, Lahti, Vantaa, Valkeakoski, Helsinki and Joensuu.

* Photo: D-mat ltd.