New interprofessional Club for students

KP Klimaklubben is a new interprofessional club for students, graduates and employees across twenty educations at Copenhagen University College.

It is a collaboration across twenty educations and professions to debate, develop ideas and initiate concrete activities that accommodate climate challenges. SLA Denmark has established a collaboration with the newly-formed alumni organisation. During the opening of the climate club December 3rd 2019  on Campus Carlsberg, Martin Lidegaard (author, debater, co-founder of the green think tank CONCITO, member of the Parliament, as well as former Minister of Climate and Foreign Affairs) gave suggestions on how we all can pursue a professional single vision and a society that can actively contribute to green conversion now. In order to create attention and recruit members for the SLA project, an article has been published on KP Climate Clubs website, Facebook page and LinkedIn. Moreover, SLA Denmark will communicate progress and needs through these platforms.

Read more (Danish) about Klimaklubben and about the members

Project contact for Denmark: Pernille Malberg Dyg, Associate Lecturer, Ph.D. University College Copenhagen.

* Photo: University College Copenhagen