Living more sustainable – Germany starts the second round

A sustainable life has by far nothing to do with avoiding plastic straws or homemade toothpaste. The new webapp “SUSLA” shows how changes in all areas of consumption such as living, nutrition or mobility can make one’s own lifestyle measurably more ecological. The second round of the “Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator” research project in Germany is now starting. The Wuppertal Institute is currently looking for testers for the beta version of this science-based coaching app.

The webapp SUSLA first calculates the footprint of one’s own lifestyle and, based on this, suggests approaches for a more sustainable everyday life. With those ideas the app testers can create an individual plan when to try out which tips for an environmentally friendly everyday life. SUSLA calculates how many emissions and resources are saved and remembers by email to keep the good intentions.

The Wuppertal Institute developed the English-language coaching app together with partner institutions from Finland, Denmark, Mexico, India, Spain and Switzerland. Now about 500 test households per country are being sought for the beta version. The Wuppertal Institute’s research team is always happy to receive questions, criticism and suggestions to improve SUSLA during and after the test period.

The app is still under construction and we are happy about user experiences, because only through the users we can learn what there is still to improve. Therefore we have developed an online questionnaire for problems and improvement requests.

We hope you enjoy trying it out!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at!