Round 2 social media campaign kicked off in Denmark

In Denmark, the round 2 of the project was launched in the middle of August. Four interns have been busy creating and maintaining social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to reach 500 households to test SUSLA APP the last 6 weeks. The interns have identified several Facebook groups and events, where they have shared the information about SUSLA APP and developed social media posts. Social media is used to share information about the SUSLA APP and to inspire households with different concrete and inspirational action tips to reduce their CO2 and material footprints. Everything from a staycation and product comparisons related to zero waste, to cooking videos, laundry tips, reducing food waste and repairing items. Down below are a few examples of the action tips created for social media. Make sure to check out and follow our Facebook page SUSLA APP Denmark and our Instagram account @suslaappdanmark to see the rest of our posts!