Instagrammable! SUSLA Germany on Social Media

Johanna, 25

Johanna is responsible for 14980 kilograms of greenhouse gases every year. This is slightly above the German average of 10900 kilograms per year and is mainly generated in Johanna’s free time, as she travels a lot.

Around 70 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with private consumption. The way we eat, live, consume or spend our leisure time has a major impact.After all, in order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the average CO2 emissions of private persons need to be reduced to 2500 kilograms by 2030.


Xenia, 27

Xenia eats too much! This at least is her guess after SUSLA has calculated her resource consumption. Because: The biggest part of the 22730 kilograms per year comes from the nutritional sector. So eat less? Or maybe do without the cheese?

The material footprint expresses the weight of all natural raw materials used for our consumption. In other words: all products including their production, use and disposal. For example, for driving a car, not only the car itself and the gasoline are counted, but proportionately also the iron ore mine, the steelworks and the road network. Currently, humanity consumes resources every year as if from 1.5 earths. In order to make do with the available raw materials, each person worldwide is likely to consume a maximum of eight tons of raw materials per year.

Easy and effective: Switching to green electricity. Therefore one of the favorite tips of the SUSLA team.

Johanna and Xenia are part of the SLA-Germany team and have shared their footprints on Instagram and Facebook. Almost daily there is new input from the SUSLA App – for example recipes for climate-friendly cooking, tips for a more resource-friendly life or SUSLA actions that the team is currently trying out. For example the fastest and easiest action from the SUSLA catalog: put a “No advertisements please” sign on the mailbox. With up to one kilo saved paper per week, this is certainly not the most influential action. But: A good first step, which does not hurt at all.

Johanna and Xenia are a good distance away from the sustainability goals. Unfortunately! But they won’t to give up, they will keep on testing the SUSLA actions instead. And share their experiences, tips and difficulties on Instagram and Facebook. The complete SUSLA Team is happy about feedback and ideas, but especially about further SUSLA participants.


* Photos: Wuppertal Institut (Johanna Rütt, Xenia El Mourabit)