Race for the Future theme month in SUSLA Finland 2.9.–25.9.2020

During the third round of SLA, D-mat continues collaborating with Finnish municipalities and arranging accelerator workshops with households. If you are interested to participate, please feel free to contact us, or follow your own municipalities website for more information. We are also open for collaborations with companies and organisations, who’s products, services or other operations support sustainable lifestyles. In 2020-2021 our partner municipalities are, so far, Mynämäki, Porvoo, Kauniainen and Ii. Mynämäki accelerator is arranged in collaboration with Saaren Kartano Residency.

Start using SUSLA today and join us! The primary language of the app is English.
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SUSLA is yet a novel web application, and it will be developed and improved in many ways already during this autumn. At the end of the theme month, participants can reply to a questionnaire, which aims at gathering your experiences of using SUSLA. Additionally, 10-20 participants have an opportunity to join an interview conducted by a researcher from ORSI research project. The purpose of this interview study is to producescientific knowledge about the design and impacts of carbon footprint calculators. Invitation to the interview will be shared in the SUSLA Finland group.

In addition to the theme month, D-mat will continue collaborating with Finnish municipalities and arrange accelerators for their citizens. Follow the latest news from D-mat’s social media and website!


Salla Lahtinen, Project Coordinator, D-mat