Germany – Challenge your lifestyle!


Are you interested in resource-friendly and climate-friendly living?

The Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator project engages households around the world to explore sustainable lifestyles. With the support of experts, households can try out what this would mean in practice. Households that have already participated in the project in other cities say that their lives have not only become easier on resources, but also a bit happier.

In Germany, the Wuppertal Institut is inviting 500 interested people to test the SUSLIFE.APP. The scientists are happy to share their approach of supporting you to live more sustainable. You will learn more about your climate impact and how to eat an environmentally friendly and healthy diet, live better, travel ecologically, change your consumption and improve your quality of life.

How to apply?

You can apply HERE via a short online survey. We will collect applications by 6 January 2020. The survey asks five short questions to get an idea of your lifestyle and select as many different households as possible. The Wuppertal Institute will select 500 households from the applications and confirm your participation as pilot household by 13 January 2020.

What do pilot households need to do?

The pilot households will test the prototype version of the SUSLIFE.APP. The testing phase will start in January and end in March 2020. During the testing period of minimum one month you will have the possibility to directly provide feedback about features you like and things to improve. The Wuppertal Institute will also do about 10 workshops and invite you to participate at 1 workshop at locations next to you. The cities will be announced after the selection of the pilot households.

What happens after the test phase?

After the testing in all countries is completed the SUSLIFE.APP will be revised. We will invite all participants to take part in an online presentation of the final version of the SUSLIFE.APP.

Do you have questions?

Then please contact