Germany – Challenge your lifestyle!

The Webapp SUSLA calculates the climate and resource footprints of your current lifestyle. On this basis, it suggests approaches for a more sustainable everyday life. With these ideas you can develop an individual roadmap and try out different tips. SUSLA calculates how many emissions and resources you will save. It also reminds you to keep your good intentions.

We at the Wuppertal Institute together with partner institutions from Finland, Denmark, Mexico, India, Spain and Switzerland have developed the English-language coaching app. Now we are looking for volunteers to test this beta version – about 500 households per country. We will accompany all testers and are looking forward to receiving criticism and suggestions to improve SUSLA in the end.

Do you want to live more environmentally friendly and support research?

Here you will learn how to do it!

You have from July to September 2020 time to test the SUSLA App. You want to live more environmentally friendly and support research? Then join in! Calculate your footprint and create your own individual roadmap with lots of tips to help you improve your lifestyle.


Those who would like to exchange ideas with other test users can join the Facebook group SUSLA Germany.

The app is still under construction and we would be happy if you tell us about your experiences using it. Only through the users we can learn what can be improved. Therefore we have developed an online questionnaire where you can tell us your problems and suggestions for advancement. You can find the questionnaire here:

We wish you a lot of fun while testing the app!

Questions? Then please contact