CITY CYCLING 2.0: Cycling towards climate protection

The campaign CITY CYCLING for sustainable mobility and bicycle promotion in German municipalities, initiated by Climate Alliance, went into the 2nd round! Nearly 1100 municipalities in Germany and thousands of local politicians, school classes, associations, companies and citizens took part again this year in order to make an important contribution to climate protection and to set an example for an improvement and expansion of cycle mobility.

Designed as a competition, cyclists can compete with each other over a period of 3 weeks with their private or professional mileage. The climate-friendly kilometres are recorded by tracking via the CITY CYCLING-App or manually using the so-called online cycling calendar. The aim is to identify both the most active municipal parliaments and municipalities nationwide as well as the most enthusiastic teams within a municipality on the basis of the kilometres they have covered – the latest data on this is always published on the CITY CYCLING homepage. In addition, local politicians in their role as decision-makers should learn how cycling is organised in their communities in order to initiate further improvementes and set the course for sustainable mobility. The rules are simple: Those teams or municipalities that can collect the most kilometres on their account win! The campaign phase is usually supported by numerous events, such as cycling tours, information stands, panel discussions and other activities organised by local activists.

A total of 381,327 km were registered in Wuppertal, which were covered by 1,518 cyclists, including 45 parliamentarians, within 143 teams. According to CITY CYCLING, 54 tonnes of CO2 could be avoided within the period of 21 days. The Wuppertal Institute also participated for the second time with its own team!

* Photo: Raddie G on